Home Grown Tastes Better!

The events of the Covid19 pandemic has shown us all, how our lives can change in an instant. It has also taught us that something as essential as food can be difficult to come by or supplied to us via a long waiting list. More importantly, it has taught us that we need to do something about this, to prevent or limit the impact on us and our families in the future.

If you have even the smallest of spaces such as a windowsill, you can grow something that will add the most delicious flavours to dishes and be super nutritious too. If you have a larger space such as, a balcony, a yard, any size garden or know someone who has spare or unused outdoor space they can donate to you, then you can utilise any of these spaces or sections of them into an abundant kitchen garden. You can also apply to your local council for an allotment – there may be a waiting list but do keep checking how far from the top you are once on the list. Most councils will list their allotment sites and availability on their actual website.

You can follow my journey from the blog posts tab starting from when I first inherited my allotment and when it was a completely overgrown space, resembling a meadow of tall grass, nettles, thorns, rubbish, dead wood and plastic. It’s still a huge amount of work in progress but you can now see where the plot starts and ends compared to what my very first published posts back in October 2017 revealed. The journey clearly tells the story of how plot 11A has slowly evolved and continues to do so in an environmentally friendly way without the use of any type of chemical filled weed killer and with the least amount of digging required as possible!

Posts also include successes and fails, ups and downs, decisions made, decisions amended, decisions changed and then changed again. That’s the home grown way of life! And it is a wonderful lifestyle to enhance your entire life. It’s a great all rounder for life in general – great food, great for physical health and great for mental health too. It’s worked wonders for me on all three counts and more.

I also have some balcony area which I utilise as an attractive and welcoming space. It is not a private balcony but I am super lucky to have a great neighbour who does not mind my antics. In fact, he loves it! I named this space The Home Haven and even start my allotment seedlings from here, in the PVC mini greenhouse I have.

So, without further ado, enjoy browsing through my blog posts and indeed the website. I welcome your comments and as time goes on, you will not only see changes on my beloved plot 11A and The Home Haven but here on My Own Little Thyme and Space too, including some new additions.




Well I made it to the plot as hoped this morning once all that I had to do was done! And I am so grateful to be able to finally have my feet up after a soothing bath and hearty dinner! The greenhouse is ready now for this year’s goodies to grow. I used someContinue reading “#Visit283!”